Buffalo on the Danube 2006

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Tom Bozigian
Larry Weiner
Roo Lester & Larry Harding

DVD: Only $20

Buffalo on the Danube was coordinated by Jamie and Betsy Platt and was held at Capon Bridge, WV on Sept 1-4, 2006.


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Dances Taught

Dance Name   Instructor(s)

Tom Bozigian requested
ordering did not attend the

that his

dances not be included if the person
Cacak Larry Weiner
Cetvorno Horo Larry Weiner
Širteto Larry Weiner
Ajdarsko Larry Weiner
Ardeleana (P) Larry Weiner
Belajsko (Delajsko) Larry Weiner
Berace (Bajrace) Larry Weiner
Stankino Larry Weiner
Snoa (P) Roo Lester & Larry Harding
Gamalpolska från Föllinge (P) Roo Lester & Larry Harding
Mellparing (P) Roo Lester & Larry Harding
Torp (P) Roo Lester & Larry Harding
Telespringar (P) Roo Lester & Larry Harding

(P) = partner dance

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