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Avi Levy
Avner Naim
Sagi Azran
Eileen Weinstock
Yossi Cohen
Leslie Asaraf

Camp Director: Sagi Azran

Camp Mechola was held at Wonder Valley Ranch Resort in Sanger, CA Jan 16-19, 2015.

Teaching DVD: $20
Party DVD: $15

The Teaching DVD offers presentation of the dances taught at camp. The dances will be on a DVD, but the files will be in .mp4 format, perfect for watching on a computer.
The Party DVD has dances (without instruction) that were recorded throughout the weekend, at the parties and harkadot.


If you have any questions, please email me:


Dances Taught

Dance Name Choreographer
At Kmo Haru'ach (P) Sagi Azran
At Li Or (P) Avner Naim
Bo (P) Avi Levy
Debka Chayim Moshe Eskayo
Gibor Shel Ima Avi Levy
Hako'ach Be'ahavateich (P) Avi Levy
Kacha Tenatzchi (P) Avner Naim
Latet Avi Levy
Lo Yoda'at Eich Korim Li (P) Leslie Asarof, Yossi Cohen
Marot Avi Levy
Mizmor Ledavid Avner Naim
Rak Ata Moshe Eskayo
Shavnu Israel Yakovee
Shehecheyanu Avi Levy
Stakel Li Ba'einayim Sagi Azran
Vesamachta Bechagecha Avner Naim


Party Dances DVD

Dance NameChoreographer


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