Mountain Playshop 2003

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Meliss Jakubovik
Beth Zweigoron
Bob Gutin
Paul Taylor
Larry Marcus
Sheri and David Auty

Video: Only $15

Mountain Playshop was directed by Rusty Maynard and was held at the 4-H Camp in Swannanoa, NC from Aug. 8 to 10, 2003.


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Teaching Video

Dance Choreographer
Shanti* Avi Levy
Or Chadash* Gadi Bitton
Amarine* Avi Levy
Bat Melachim* Israel Yakovee
Le'olam (P)* Avner Naim
Chagigayah Gadi Bitton
Chalomot Gadi Bitton
Ya'eni Huna Eyal Eliyahu

Other Dances

Dance Country
Pajdusko from Gabra* Bulgaria
Ruchenica for 3* Bulgaria
Thracian Ruchenica* Bulgaria
Giusevska Ruchenica Bulgaria
Ovcepolsko Oro* Macedonia
Floricica Olteneasca Romania
Olahos* Hungary
Erzerumi Shoror Armenia
Nevesto Mori Macedonia
Kasapsko Oro Macedonia
Kvar Acharei Chatzot Israeli


The video offers instruction of some of the dances listed (*). Others are only demonstrated.

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