Mountain Playshop 2007

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Michael Kuharski
Beth Zeigeron
Larry Marcus
Paul Taylor

DVD: Only $20

Mountain Playshop was chaired by Sheri Auty and was held at the
4-H Camp in Swannanoa, NC from Aug. 3 to 5, 2007.


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Dances Taught

Presented by Michael Kuharski  
Name Origin
Armenian Miserlou Armenia
Goranovo Pirin, Bulgaria
Gypsy Krsteno Macedonia
Madisonski Sa Macedonia (Wisc.)
Mitrino Horo Rhodopes, Bulgaria
Neenam Neenam Armenia
Pleshopsko Horo Rhodopes, Bulgaria (NC)
Rozhensko Rhodopes, Bulgaria
Valle E Re (4-3-2-1) Albania
Presented by Beth Zeigoron  
Name Origin
Ciganytanc Gypsy
Jiana Transylvania
Presented by Larry Marcus  
Name Origin
Salamati Israel
Eretz Nehederet Israel
Presented by Paul Taylor  
Name Origin
Armenian Turn (Ambee Dageets) Armenia
Bannielou Lambaol France
Langdans från Sollerø Sweden
Machar Israel


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