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Name: Larry Marcus
Address: 5540 W 5th St, Spc 10, Oxnard, CA 93035
Phone: (805) 814-1456

I have been doing Israeli dancing since September, 1955. (That was at age minus 2. At least, that's what I tell people). That was when I started going to a Hebrew High School in Rochester, NY, twice a week: Sunday mornings and Mondays after regular high school. I was asked to be in a performing group and performed during my high school years. In 1959, after graduating from high school, I was pronounced old enough to join the International Folk Dance group at the YWCA on Monday nights in Rochester, and caught that bug as well. I also danced at the International group at the University of Rochester on Friday nights. In 1960, I attended my first folk dance 'camp' on Labor Day weekend with some local teachers. Since then I've attended International weekends over the years with such teachers as Dick Crum, Yves Moreau, Andor Czampo, Atanas Kolarovski, Madeline Green, Eugenia Judetz, Marty Koenig, Dennis Boxell, Athan Karras, Tom Bozigian, Bora Ozkok, Ahmet Luleci, Joe Graziosi, and others.

In 1963, I attended Blue Star Israeli Dance Camp directed by Fred Berk, who was a great inspiration as a dance teacher. I have attended Israeli dance weekends every year since then to 'keep up' my repertoire and for just plain fun. Some of the Israeli choreographers and/or teachers I've learned from are Moshiko, Danny Uziel, Yankele Levi, Bentzi Tiram, Yonatan Karmon, Yoav Ashriel, Shlomo Maman, Shmulik Gov-Ari, Gadi Bitton, Mishael and Dudu Barzilay, Avi :Peretz, Victor Gabbay, Avner Naim, Meir Shem-tov, Naftaly Kadosh, Moshe Eskayo, and a lot of the more recent ones. Because there was not an Israeli group at the time in Rochester, NY, I started one in Sept, 1963.

In Sept, 1966 I moved to Pittsburgh, PA, where I joined the International Dance Group there and eventually became its main instructor for the last 3 years I was there (I left in Sept., 1972). Because there was no Israeli group there either, I started one in Sept, 1967. While in Pittsburgh, I performed with several groups at the Pittsburgh International Folk Festival, including Israeli, Russian,and Hungarian. In 1971, I choreographed the Israeli group's performance

I lived in Israel for three and a half years (Nov, 1972 - June, 1976) doing not only Israeli dances but co-instructing an International group in Jerusalem that became nationally famous, because we did Balkan dances with the Balkan styling that is familiar here in the States.

In 1976, I moved back to the States, back to Rochester, NY, for a year and a half. I rejoined the folk dance groups there that I had left 10 years previously. I also was recruited for Da Igramo, the then new International folk dance performing group.

In 1978, I moved to Connecticut and eventually became the leader of the Hartford Monday Night International Folk Dance group, which I led for 15 years until the group became too small to continue. During that time, I became the choreographer for a performing ensemble called Sedenka, which was associated with the Monday night group. (We eventually had to move to Wednesday nights because of a scheduling conflict at the church in which we danced, and then to Thursday nights. We said that our name was the Monday Night International Folk Dancers which used to meet on Wednesdays but now met on Thursdays.)

In 2001, I moved to Raleigh, NC, and enjoyed dancing at the Friday Night International group and the Sunday night Israeli group. I taught a lot of the dances introduced at the Israeli group, since I went to a lot of the Israeli dance camps. In 2009, I moved to Oxnard, California, to a Manufactured Home Park, which is just a 3 minute walk to the beach. Although I'm now farther from dancing than I have been, I try to go to International and Israeli dance groups whenever I can.

In 1991, I explored the new (for me) area of videotaping a dance camp in order that I might have a visual record of the dances taught for future review. In 1996, I was asked to video the teaching at, of all places, Blue Star and to offer the video for sale to the participants in order that they might remind themselves of the dances which they had learned at the camp. Since then, I have been at one time or other the official videographer at Machol Miami, Hilula & Hilulim (New York State), Hora Aviv (Pennsylvania), Chagigah (Wisconsin), Kochavim (Texas), Karmiel USA(Georgia), Tamaron (New York State) and Toronto IsReal Dance Festival. These camps are great for learning the dances either from the people who choreographed them or from other excellent teachers. Recently, though, my dance camps have been limitied to Kochavim, and Chagigah.

I hope you enjoy any of the videos that you order and continue to enjoy the ones you may have ordered in the past. And by all means, keep dancing.


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